Square Up ft MuRli + God Knows

from by GuideMusic

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Square up to my problems
From my vantage point, I think that I ma solve em
I've got 24hrs on my sevens
Same time as every legend under heavens
To breach another level to slay a couple devils
Convert a bunch of doubters, before they get to meddle
And fasten up the saddle on my back and test my mettle
Before you point your fingers, watch out for the ones in the middle
(No offense but look)
I've fallen on hard times
Feeling like breathing on part time
Suffocated by dark minds
Shadowy thoughts flying over mine
I’m bottled water in a burqa
Synchronising with my nightmares
Wear it proud on my back like a dromedary 
I give a flush on your commentary 
My Carpediem won’t allow that
My vision ends where my life starts
I should copyright my false starts
Two-handed but I’m all right
Don’t know what’s under my skin
But that’s a place you will never get in
Even when slipping I'm living my dream
This smile is really brighter than it seems
That’s not an act i put on on the stage
That’s how you ball on a minimum wage
That’s how you show them that good will prevail
In spite of the money and energy wasted on daily
supply of mi wadi, down in the streams,
Mimicking the tweets
Can I keep it pure and be hot like Hawaii?
If no then I need to know why

I wanna challenge the challenge by not doing the challenge,
The one missing from your timeline but I think I'll manage,
Is it the bag or the baggage,
It can't secure the insecure,
Is it the cure you sure? man that's pure manure,
All the money in the world but I just need a friend nowadays,
Social media hypocrite I got a ton friend requests,
But of the friendly gestures I ain't seen a friend I met,
work mate? Friend adjacent,
Oh you a friend of Jason's? "
I know him, lie adjacent, why am I faking?
And I faking a smile,
I ain't this fake in a while, Make the internet Lit again,
My sanity's vanity filter me a clean heart O Instagram,
Now you get the picture fam,
Better yet screen shot it,
Home is where the heart is nah home is where the IG is,
No matter how LinkedIn I am I still can't connect,
Gathering many followers losing my self respect,
No matter how hard I try I still can't reset,
The settings, the settings, the settings,
Life cycles like bicycles gotta keep pushing forward no hands,
Because I don't handle bars I spit em out,
Fall in love with the Mundane,
Had the pub going up on a Monday,
Not I'm saying that I'm hard but, I'm solid not potato salad,
Going over your head like a shower nozzle,
Screaming family over everything till I lose my tonsils.

I used to live for the weekend
Drinking till my pocket started to weaken
Liver was getting weak then
Face numb like The Weeknd
But I wasn't Abel
Wish I'd go back to the cradle 
And start it over again
My ambitions were fatal
But fast forward’s only button left on my remote
I pressed it hard until it broke and now I’m truly woke
Won’t ever rest until the peak where all you see is smoke
And let the bigger picture tell you all about this path i chose
My family’s still my number uno, give them all my kudos
For without them who knows, how I’d manage through those 
Lines 3 and 2. though,
It seems shorter than Pluto
Life cycles, seasons take turn, and time its toll
Applause for those who know when to stoop low and to stand tall
Managed to navigate these storms, though we were never warned
I made a lot of enemies
Thinking if I was to die today will someone out there bury me


from Freedom Writers, released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


GuideMusic Ireland

Guide was born in Zimbabwe but relocated to Clare, Ireland in his early teens. There he quickly developed a propensity for story-telling through rhymes and rhythm. These stories aren't something you can bring up in everyday conversations, but writing them down releases a sense of freedom, a catharsis, that he deems “essential.” ... more

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