I won't Forget

from by GuideMusic



I put my heart in this

The same way that miners searches for riches and gold,
Is the same way that writers search for rhythm and flow
Just to rip what you sow,
I can weep from what I saw ,
Not only in my house hold but its the same next door
Its a gift and a curse when you're gifted they curse you
How we ever gonna progress when all we do is go in circles
Like a roundabout, diamond in the dirt from the underground
Convert it into riches so my fam have nothing to worry about,
My success is yours,
And all the stumbling blocks use them as stepping stones
If hard work constitutes to a harvest
You know where to find me, grafting in the garden
I will keep bowling until have my strike
So when its all said and done you can say that I have tried
I'm tired, but I wont give into pressure that's for tyres
Even with a arch back I still won't retire
That's determination
For every dreamer stuck in 3 extension
Just know I won't forget about you for any bigger pay cheque
Strong foundations kept us from going under
For the nights I slept hungry I'm driven by hunger
Then my wish list, rags to riches
Houses on a hill from smashing these beats to pieces
Broken glass,
I'm filled with emotion when I think of the past
Me and uncle fire singing hoping time would pass
Should I tell amount times I got kicked out class
For paying no fees,
I know my pops tried, It aint never been the same since my pops died
Like a fallen everything in his honour
That's why this music gets my heart I'm an organ donor

Poverty led us to selling property
This gotta get a hundred only thing I can do properly
Used to want popularity, till that moment of clarity
Now I tell tales since I bounced back from my sanity
So its true best stories come from worst places
To keep that sweet tooth together is why we wore braces
Its what made me who I am I will for ever embrace it
I know I answered my calling coz my mind is full verses
Its like my teen years had wing they just flew by,
And it took my surprise like a new bike,
Its a circle feel like Lance Armstrong
Minus the dope its music nothing else I'm on,
Taking this game by storm causing a cyclone
In the ring for the title Mike Tyson
Till I'm a heavyweight composer call me Maestro
Holding the green light on my count go
This is Lord Sugar music coz I'm bossing
Im just marching in the game like aerobics
If this game is for the taking get your potion
I do this for homeless, the broken and the hopeless


from Freedom Writers, released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


GuideMusic Ireland

Guide was born in Zimbabwe but relocated to Clare, Ireland in his early teens. There he quickly developed a propensity for story-telling through rhymes and rhythm. These stories aren't something you can bring up in everyday conversations, but writing them down releases a sense of freedom, a catharsis, that he deems “essential.” ... more

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