Freedom Writers

by GuideMusic

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Inspired by the 2007 film of the same name, Freedom Writers is a reflection of its author’s reality, emotions, and stories delivered with sincerity over some equally raw and stripped down instrumentals. As he embarks on his own musical journey, Guide is determined to speak for those who, like himself, grew up with dreams of surpassing the ordinary, but were hindered by circumstance and a lack of resources.


released November 29, 2016

Released on the 29 November 2016.
Written and recorded in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland, 2016.

All guest vocals provided by Denise Chaila, God Knows, MuRli and Tanya Wayah.
Tracks 1 and 5 produced by mynameisjOhn
Track 2 produced by Manky and mynameisjOhn
Track 6 produced by Manky

Recorded, arranged and mixed by mynameisjOhn.
Mastered by Alex at Ashmus Mastering.

Artwork by Louisa Donnelly
Press shot by Molly Crilly



all rights reserved


GuideMusic Ireland

Guide was born in Zimbabwe but relocated to Clare, Ireland in his early teens. There he quickly developed a propensity for story-telling through rhymes and rhythm. These stories aren't something you can bring up in everyday conversations, but writing them down releases a sense of freedom, a catharsis, that he deems “essential.” ... more

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Track Name: I won't Forget
I put my heart in this

The same way that miners searches for riches and gold,
Is the same way that writers search for rhythm and flow
Just to rip what you sow,
I can weep from what I saw ,
Not only in my house hold but its the same next door
Its a gift and a curse when you're gifted they curse you
How we ever gonna progress when all we do is go in circles
Like a roundabout, diamond in the dirt from the underground
Convert it into riches so my fam have nothing to worry about,
My success is yours,
And all the stumbling blocks use them as stepping stones
If hard work constitutes to a harvest
You know where to find me, grafting in the garden
I will keep bowling until have my strike
So when its all said and done you can say that I have tried
I'm tired, but I wont give into pressure that's for tyres
Even with a arch back I still won't retire
That's determination
For every dreamer stuck in 3 extension
Just know I won't forget about you for any bigger pay cheque
Strong foundations kept us from going under
For the nights I slept hungry I'm driven by hunger
Then my wish list, rags to riches
Houses on a hill from smashing these beats to pieces
Broken glass,
I'm filled with emotion when I think of the past
Me and uncle fire singing hoping time would pass
Should I tell amount times I got kicked out class
For paying no fees,
I know my pops tried, It aint never been the same since my pops died
Like a fallen everything in his honour
That's why this music gets my heart I'm an organ donor

Poverty led us to selling property
This gotta get a hundred only thing I can do properly
Used to want popularity, till that moment of clarity
Now I tell tales since I bounced back from my sanity
So its true best stories come from worst places
To keep that sweet tooth together is why we wore braces
Its what made me who I am I will for ever embrace it
I know I answered my calling coz my mind is full verses
Its like my teen years had wing they just flew by,
And it took my surprise like a new bike,
Its a circle feel like Lance Armstrong
Minus the dope its music nothing else I'm on,
Taking this game by storm causing a cyclone
In the ring for the title Mike Tyson
Till I'm a heavyweight composer call me Maestro
Holding the green light on my count go
This is Lord Sugar music coz I'm bossing
Im just marching in the game like aerobics
If this game is for the taking get your potion
I do this for homeless, the broken and the hopeless
Track Name: Met Eireann
I never cared about being educated ,I turned a blind eye to my ignorance
Im too proud to admit what my weakness is,
I refuse to let music be a bit on the side like what a mistress is,
Too afraid to evolve just another term that's used to say that I have grown
Feel the pressure its a one man show, from the under the poverty line
Highest rate in inflation, what's ironic is they say music is not a profession
Leaders in higher positions only care about their pockets
Living us zero options but create our employment
My type of work is to make my story your enjoyment
Voices of young men who fail to speak up
Girls on a market hoping for a pick up
I've tried to move with the times but its hard to keep up
If it aint facebook, its twitter, posting picture on Insta
For the world to see how perfect my life is
Its a façade what we really need is a little love
Throw you my heart like a bouquet I hope you catch it
Exchanged vows with the music I been happily married.

Am I still the same man that you fell in love with
On a greater scale of things tryna find a balance
Turn these words to numbers,
Know our rent is covered
Put our stresses aside and rediscover
You can easily lose yourself on this 8 mile,
That's the reason that I always take the extra mile
They say if your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough
What does that say about my dreams they terrify me
To go from rapping on the pavement to taking steps into festivals
Stephen Frayne can tell you that its been magical
Let me tell you what its like to be me
Spend a day in my shoes I bet you cant even fit
Mom is run off her feet and my aunty can't remember what's a goodnight sleep
Until I master this game I will slave for it
Pray I make greener pastures like a rain forest (Like a rain Forest)
Now Let it rain.......
Track Name: Freedom Writer
Sharing emotions as I lay my heart on this page Im feeling drained
Still I love it all the same
Being different is the difference
Your music is not credible unless its on the hit list
Compared to mainstreamers
All I am is a misfit
Its harder to fit in let alone to create history
This is all for us
Qualifications are non existent is there hope for us
Unless you are 1 direction you wont see a day up on the charts
(No Way)
Its time to step up and avoid falling in a trap like a set up
I came to claim the and show who can it better
Until you get used to my voice Morgan Freeman (Freeman)
Break from mind chains be a free man
Until that flight start taking off
Its like clearing a Debt how its paying off
Call me Elliot Gleeve Im leading by Example
Turn music into pictures Im the new Piccasso

When it wasn't going to well (it wasn't)
And I felt like I was running out of fuel (running I was running)
I had chat with Mrs Gruel,
She told me know that I could be a freedom writer

What do you wanna do this is your life
You have so much talent, but if you want this you gonna have to work hard for it


Should I quit music and get a real job
How do you know the outcome if you cant predict the future
Maybe I am the future
My dreams are bigger than Luther
Its now and forever Im the new age Gary Cooper
This is the only way I know how to release emotions
Im not a teacher, a doctor or a civil servant
Sharing experiences and what that has taught me
The healing that its brought me
To see my name on the bill do you get me?
Raise a bar of confidence that's been down lately
Is my story relevant, will the fans rate me
Its like I'm looking for approval acceptance from society
Confide in them, or that will just fuel my anxiety
Put my foot down feel the ground shake
From heart break
My aunty went missing a few months the she found dead
Two kids behind try explain that their moms dead
Enough of these struggles we moving to the promised land

When it wasn't going to well (it wasn't)
And I felt like I was running out of fuel (running I was running)
I had chat with Mrs Gruel,
She told me know that I could be a freedom writer
Track Name: Square Up ft MuRli + God Knows
Square up to my problems
From my vantage point, I think that I ma solve em
I've got 24hrs on my sevens
Same time as every legend under heavens
To breach another level to slay a couple devils
Convert a bunch of doubters, before they get to meddle
And fasten up the saddle on my back and test my mettle
Before you point your fingers, watch out for the ones in the middle
(No offense but look)
I've fallen on hard times
Feeling like breathing on part time
Suffocated by dark minds
Shadowy thoughts flying over mine
I’m bottled water in a burqa
Synchronising with my nightmares
Wear it proud on my back like a dromedary 
I give a flush on your commentary 
My Carpediem won’t allow that
My vision ends where my life starts
I should copyright my false starts
Two-handed but I’m all right
Don’t know what’s under my skin
But that’s a place you will never get in
Even when slipping I'm living my dream
This smile is really brighter than it seems
That’s not an act i put on on the stage
That’s how you ball on a minimum wage
That’s how you show them that good will prevail
In spite of the money and energy wasted on daily
supply of mi wadi, down in the streams,
Mimicking the tweets
Can I keep it pure and be hot like Hawaii?
If no then I need to know why

I wanna challenge the challenge by not doing the challenge,
The one missing from your timeline but I think I'll manage,
Is it the bag or the baggage,
It can't secure the insecure,
Is it the cure you sure? man that's pure manure,
All the money in the world but I just need a friend nowadays,
Social media hypocrite I got a ton friend requests,
But of the friendly gestures I ain't seen a friend I met,
work mate? Friend adjacent,
Oh you a friend of Jason's? "
I know him, lie adjacent, why am I faking?
And I faking a smile,
I ain't this fake in a while, Make the internet Lit again,
My sanity's vanity filter me a clean heart O Instagram,
Now you get the picture fam,
Better yet screen shot it,
Home is where the heart is nah home is where the IG is,
No matter how LinkedIn I am I still can't connect,
Gathering many followers losing my self respect,
No matter how hard I try I still can't reset,
The settings, the settings, the settings,
Life cycles like bicycles gotta keep pushing forward no hands,
Because I don't handle bars I spit em out,
Fall in love with the Mundane,
Had the pub going up on a Monday,
Not I'm saying that I'm hard but, I'm solid not potato salad,
Going over your head like a shower nozzle,
Screaming family over everything till I lose my tonsils.

I used to live for the weekend
Drinking till my pocket started to weaken
Liver was getting weak then
Face numb like The Weeknd
But I wasn't Abel
Wish I'd go back to the cradle 
And start it over again
My ambitions were fatal
But fast forward’s only button left on my remote
I pressed it hard until it broke and now I’m truly woke
Won’t ever rest until the peak where all you see is smoke
And let the bigger picture tell you all about this path i chose
My family’s still my number uno, give them all my kudos
For without them who knows, how I’d manage through those 
Lines 3 and 2. though,
It seems shorter than Pluto
Life cycles, seasons take turn, and time its toll
Applause for those who know when to stoop low and to stand tall
Managed to navigate these storms, though we were never warned
I made a lot of enemies
Thinking if I was to die today will someone out there bury me
Track Name: Perfect Picture
Capture the perfect I'm getting flashes of nightmares
Contemplating quitting my day job a carer that's not there
Feeling suffocated shortness of breath like I need more air
That alone is confirmation that I'm wasted there
State of confusion a rabbit in head lights
Been struggling for a 16 as of late its been less vibes
That's when it hits me I'm designed for this
You know it takes more than a touch to get a feel of this
How can I say without sounding like a hypocrite
Only when I'm feeling cross is when I'm looking at the crucifix
Talk about the norm
I can really get used to this
Lack of resources and that's why we never used to dream
But now I seeing past the vision
I started believing
Take flight, ash cloud couldn't cover my vision
Last key on the bunch ,I'm the most needed
My ambition takes the wheel safe to say I'm more driven

And I'm going places
Turn a blind eye when show me hatred
Starting to run out of numbers as I'm counting my blessing
Reasons I don't keep up appearances leave that to Hyacinth
This game is for the giants but I'm going in like David
To live a legacy Biggie and Pac and be the greatest
Blessings upon your gift may we for ever be creative
Not seeing us on the TV doesn't mean we haven't made it
We learn to appreciate having it all is just the basic

Capture the perfect picture this requires a canvas
A big frame El Greco and I aint even Spanish
Dreams of living outlandish Is what turned us to be writers
Freedom of expression escaping that depression
You can easily become addicted to sleeping tablets
The pressure, peer pressure to become something precious
In the midst of all that you learn you gonna be a parent
I'm still tryna find my feet being my parent's dependent
Everyone around me, progressing with their lives
I have nothing to show only my stories in rhymes
Scratching under surface for an itch of my purpose
Am destined for greatness do I really know what fame is
Tomorrow is not promised any day could be yours
Kings were once slaves and rookies became pro's
Never put my hands on keys but I know I struck a chord
Pause, grand national when I'm racing on course

Dialogue (Tanya)
I love my daddy my name is Tanya and I'm 4
Erm my daddy is really good singer
He is a really good singer because he has important words
He is brilliant

And I'm going places
Turn a blind eye when show me hatred
Starting to run out of numbers as I'm counting my blessing
Reasons I don't keep up appearances leave that to Hyacinth
This game is for the giants but I'm going in like David
To live a legacy Biggie and Pac and be the greatest
Greetings upon your gift may we for ever be creative
Not seeing us on the TV doesn't mean we haven't made it
We learn to appreciate having it all is just the basic
Track Name: Dear Departed
God sent me an angel in the form of my dad
Your body could be buried but your spirit aint dead
My aunty went missing and she was found dead
Thoughts in my head why does that gotta be my fam
It still feels like yesterday
Mom is crying on the couch telling me your pops just passed away
All I've got is memories from back in the day,
Too many moment of silences
Feels like I'm a slave to pain
So I talk with a pen,
Thinking way back when,
Some branches of the family tree where taken away
Watched them fading away
Is there substance to take this pain away
This one is out to my brother
Know that I love ya
And I know we never got to see each other
Just memories in pictures, your hands and your footprints
Lord look after my sibling

Dear departed
You left me broken hearted
Dear Depart!

Tears run dry but the pain still remains
I'm holding precious all the times that we spent
Time machine take me back to '98
So I can tell you just how much I love you (just how much I love you)
Too young to lose you what could've prepared me for it
The man I've become its you I gotta thank for it
The boy in me feels like his childhood was stolen
And left with deeper scars, imbalance of emotions
I understand Alicia 'Sleeping with a broken heart'
Saw you in pain now I'm pain since your depart
Mind is like a movie playing back these memories
Show me a sign I need to know that you are proud of me
Wake me up when September ends
I'm crying for my granddad when my grandmother left
I'm crying for mom when her mother left
I'm crying for my aunties when my uncles left
I'm crying for brothers when our father left
I'm crying for Priscilla when her brothers left
I'm crying for Miri when her parents left
I'm crying for everyone that lost a loved one
Forgive them their sins
Let them in your garden.